Frequently asked questions

If my dancer is in Carolina Rhythm, is Guest Artist Intensive required?

No, Guest Artist is not required for those ONLY in tap Company and your Fair Share Fee was adjusted accordingly. However, it is highly recommended.

My child is in year-round school and can’t attend Guest Artist Intensive. Will that be excused and will I receive credit?

Yes, we allow excused absences from Guest Artist ONLY with proof of year-round school attendance/conflicts. The credit for Guest Artist is $300.00 with a valid excuse and is only applicable to Carolina Civic Ballet and Carolina Groove since Guest Artist is not required or included in Carolina Rhythm’s Fee.

Why is the discount for excused absences from Guest Artist $300?

Guest Artist costs roughly $30,000 and we do not make a profit on it nor is it our goal to make a profit. Last year, we had 100 Company dancers which breaks the cost per dancer down to $272. We recognize and support that some dancers will be in school and others are away doing other dance intensives such as Joffrey and those absences are excused. Guest Artist is a required intensive (except for Carolina Rhythm) and when we have an increased number of dancers missing Guest Artist for other reasons; it drives the cost per dancer up significantly. Under Fair Share, every dancer contributes keeping the cost per dancer down. This is how we came up with the $300 credit for excused absences only.

If I decide to pay my Fair Share payment in full upfront, can I do so?

Yes, absolutely!

How many rehearsals is my dancer allowed to miss?

Dancers may have 2 non-dress rehearsal absences per piece. The absences must not occur within 2 weeks of a major performance. Poor attendance may result in a choreographer replacing a dancer with an understudy at their sole discretion.

If my dancer has to miss rehearsal who should we inform?

Please email scheduler@carolinadancefoundation.org as soon as you know your dancer will be absent so that the choreographer can be notified.

I understand six tickets for the Holiday Show and Spring Extravaganza are included in my Fair Share Fee. What tier seating is included and what if I want an upgraded tier?

The included ticket vouchers are the lower tier tickets. If you’d like to upgrade to premium seating, you simply pay the difference.

If my dancer is not in Carolina Civic Ballet, are they able to still participate in the Saturday Company class?

Yes, Saturday Company classes are open to all Company members as long as they follow the age/level that is appropriate for them. Note that our youngest dancers do not attend Saturday Company classes.