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We have compiled a list of items you will need to include in your stage makeup kit this season. We have chosen colors and items that we think are affordable and attractive. We are attempting to streamline the look of all company genres and levels so we are suggesting a more neutral palette. If you are not able to find the exact matches for all of these products, please just find the closest alternative. Most items are readily available at Walgreens, Target or other local area drugstores.

These brands are by no means the only ones allowed. If you have a wide variety of makeup at home you can use, or would prefer to purchase higher quality brands, please feel free to do so! We just ask that you stick to the color families mentioned in the videos below and on the list so that the look is consistent.


If you plan to remain in company for several years, we suggest investing in good quality brushes which will not only last well, but also make makeup application much easier.

If possible, we recommend using higher quality eye shadow because the pigmentation is much stronger, application is easier, and it stays on better.

Liquid or Powder Foundation (of your choosing to match skin tone)
Translucent Powder (of your choosing to match skin tone)

Contouring Powder in a brown tone that works with your skin color

Highlighting Powder, any light/gold color with shimmer


  • White Eyeshadow — Wet n Wild #250B “Sugar” •  Maybelline "Vanilla" 

  • Medium to Dark Brown Eyeshadow – Maybelline "Made for Mocha" •  NYX Nude Matte Shadow "Betrayal"

  • Pink/Purple Eyeshadow (NOT BRIGHT, more natural, shimmery versions are great)

  • Black Eyeliner of your choice—liquid, pencil or black eyeshadow applied with an angled brush are all fine

  • Ardell Eyelashes #109

  • Eyelash Glue

  • Black Mascara

*Eyeshadow Palettes containing all of the colors above: L'Oreal La Palette Eye Shadow  •  Rimmel Magnif'eyes Palette in Keep Calm and Wear Nude  •  Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette ($25 at Ulta)

Blush – Wet n Wild #328B “Mellow Wine”

Red Lip Liner
Red Lipstick – Revlon #725 “Love That Red”

Lip Primer, OPTIONAL


1-Applying Foundation:
2-Applying Eyeshadow:
3-Applying Eyeliner:
4-Filling in Eyebrows:
5-Applying Eyelashes Part 1:
6-Applying Eyelashes Part 2:
7-Applying Mascara:
8-Contouring, Highlighting and Blush:
9-Applying Lipstick:

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