Organizing and conducting performances requires a committed group of people to successfully plan and execute. Each dancer’s family is required to contribute a minimum of 10 hours per season, with an additional 5 hours for each successive company in which their child is placed. No family will be required to volunteer more than 20 hours regardless of the number of children/companies. However, there is no limit to the number of volunteer hours a family can work. It takes many more hours than the minimum required to successfully run the companies. This requirement is in place to ensure that all members contribute to the success of the CDCPC. Hours can only be completed by the dancer’s parents, guardians, grandparents, or the dancer if she or he is 18 or over. Company families cannot transfer an overage of hours to another company family. If there are other family members willing to contribute (i.e., an aunt or uncle), or if special consideration is needed due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the Director of Volunteers for approval.


Volunteer hours may be earned through a variety of tasks that support Carolina Dance Foundation. All volunteer hours must be approved by the Director of Volunteers to ensure credit may be given. The following events require volunteers during a typical season: 

May/June:  Recital Charm & Flower Sales

June:  Recital Concessions & Ushering

August/September:  Consignment Sale

November:  Holiday Show

January:  Summer Program Auditions

February:  Parent's Night Out

March:  Spring Show

April or May:  Kamryn's Smile Tea

Other Opportunities For Which Dates Vary:  CGE showcase, Costumes, Props, Fundraisers, Company Rehearsals


Should you not be able to contribute the time, you may opt-out at $20.00/hour. Any hours worked over the required amount DO NOT roll over to the next year. *The volunteer season ends at the conclusion of Kamryn’s Smile Tea Party. Volunteer hours must be completed or paid out in order for a dancer to be eligible to audition for the following season.